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 Electro Cult Circus is an offbeat favorite at regional festivals. An ECC show is a total experience; burlesque, comedy, belly dance, soaring instrumentals and a wall of harmonies. We have traveled from New York to New Orleans with our merry band of pranksters. Our music has been featured on local radio CD102.5, Spotify. Pandora and IHEARTRADIO Plus hundreds of college radio stations across the country. We are just a figment of your imagination. With no end and no beginning.



ECC is coming to you!  See the circus and join the cult in person!

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Casey Ward - Vocals, Guitar

Totalie Awesome - Bass

Vivianne Vega - Vocals

Platimum Mike Folker - Guitar Vocals

Mike Ortiz - Drums

Regular Guests:

Sweet T - Violin

Shaunna Moore - Flute/Belly Danc

Regular Dancers: 

Trulie Scrumptious, Athena Nile, Robin Bordeaux, Vixie Noir and more.

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